7.30pm Wine reception 8.00pm Film Screening 9.00pm Q & A with David Bolton and Fergus Cooper Fermanagh Film Club and FLive present 

The Quiet Shuffling of Feet – Monday 7th October | Ardhowen Theatre | £10

 A journey in trauma recovery viewed through the life of David Bolton, founding Director of the Northern Ireland Centre for Trauma and Transformation, researcher and author. An inspiring humanitarian.

At 3.10pm on Saturday 15th of August 1998, a car bomb exploded in Omagh’s main shopping street. 31 people were killed and over 400 injured. Within half an hour David Bolton, then Director of Social Work and Community Care, arrived at Omagh hospital. In the opening sequence, David recalls his long day’s journey into night as the emergency services stretched themselves to respond to the unfolding tragedy.


Originally from Dublin, his father bought a farm near Tempo when David was five. He paints a picture of an idyllic childhood, of long summer evenings playing games, cycling everywhere and exploring nature. However, for the first time, David discloses his own, early encounter with trauma, pre- Troubles. David trained as a social worker in Jordanstown and when he married Helen settled down to family life in Enniskillen where he secured his first professional position. Director Fergus Cooper says, “David’s, is a remarkable story. Researching the film, trawling through four decades of newspaper archives, I was struck by his accurate recall of events. This film is not my story, nor your story, but David’s story. However, when you see it, you’ll realise that this is all our stories.

This moving and reflective feature, a little gem of a film, deals with tragic and traumatic events while being mindful of the challenges that arise for our community from decades of violence. The film will be shown with a Q&A session with David and the film’s director.