The Scottish born Artist Douglas Hutton has exhibited both in Scotland and Ireland. He has lived and worked in Ireland for the last 34 years. His own voyage of discovery has taken him to remote parts of Ireland and his love of the elements can clearly be seen in this exhibition. 

WorkShop - Artists talk

Thurs Sept 28th at 11am until 12pm at Waterways Ireland - Sligo Rd.

Tickets £5 

The exhibition was inspired by conversation at Annamakerig and is a response to the notion of "Elswhere". The work flirts with a range of stimuli from skeletal boat wrecks to portraiture. The paintings attempt to portray layers of experience and memory through a range of impulsive responses both literal and emotional. The subject matter ranges from the observed to the remembered and imagined, and aims to create a visual dialogue and starting point for  recall, imagination and reflection. This journey of interaction and interpretation is supported with poetry and prose. The journey or "Iomhramh" (a voyage of discovery) reflects the Artist's respect for the elements and the effects of time upon abandoned wrecks as well as the consequences of ageing portrayed upon the faces and hands of individuals. The work is contained within twelve large canvases.