10pm | Blake’s Level 7 | £5

Richard Ireson, Dwayne (Krum) Maguire and Alan Connolly - have long pedigrees and a combined experience of 80 years playing music.

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Tonehound are a new band but its musicians - Richard is an accomplished bass player and well known in the Fermanagh contemporary music circuits, He recorded an album called Curios & Keepsakes under the name Truly Madly Deeply in the 90s and has played with several bands including The Coalition Blues Band, The Mirenda Rosenberg Band, Blurred Lines, Cloud 9, Atticus Finch and Most Likely all of a Sudden, and has the ability to turn his hand to rock, soul, jazz, blues, progressive and pop. Dwayne (Krum) is no stranger to the music scene in Fermanagh having played music since he was 13 years old in many different bands. Krum is a highly talented vocalist, guitarist but also plays bass, keys and a little bit of drums. Alan is an accomplished drummer having played for over 20 years and in over 20 bands including I'm Not Maggie, Power Struggle and Setting Off Sirens ranging from blues to punk through country and heavy metal.

Tonehound are a bit bluesy with some classic rock and pop thrown into the mix and are guaranteed to get you on the dance floor for a late night bop.