Dining in Art pour L'Art with Maeshine | 28 September 7pm | £30 |

Includes concert, organic supper and a glass of wine

This Hambly and Hambly, in partnership with FLive presentation is one for early booking as seats are limited for an intimate audience - Contact Ciara 07808010327 

Hambly & Hambly are delighted to welcome Maeshine for their Fermanagh debut. An evening of tranquil and serene music accompanied by an organic supper in the beautiful setting of our basement gallery against the backdrop of our new exhibition L’ART POUR L’ART which features the work of twelve leading national and international artists.

Maeshine fuse celtic, folk, world and new age genres into a unique sound of their own. Their pure voices, ethereal instruments (chimes, singing bowls, gypsy guitar, tambura chord, Rav Vast and lullaby drums) and songs of gratitude, joy, mindfulness and love take audiences on a heart-warming journey that inspires wellbeing. This duo is refreshingly original and spellbinding. “Relaxing, soothing, beautiful, therapeutic, restorative” say their listeners.