Fermanagh Live Arts Festival

Fermanagh Live Arts Festival

Priscilla Morris

Priscilla Morris

October 6th - 9th 2022

October 6th - 9th 2022

About Fermanagh Live

Straddling the small waterway between Lower and Upper Lough Erne, Enniskillen is Fermanagh’s biggest town with an approximate population of 14,000. The town itself is built along one main street which changes names six times along its length!

As a result, this makes Enniskillen a hub for shopping and socialising and creates an atmospheric buzz among the high street and independent stores, bars and restaurants. With an abundance of locations and facilities, the festivities will be taking place in the following venues:

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Experience Something Beautiful in Fermanagh (in 2022)!

Experience and participate in Fermanagh’s finest live entertainment & visual arts this autumn when Fermanagh Live takes place October 6th - 9th 2022. The festival thrives on showcasing local and international innovative and exceptional talent providing a diverse range of the very best in music, film, literature, comedy and visual arts.


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