Monday 8th October | 8pm | Fermanagh House | £5

Fermanagh Film Club presents Khacchad : Mule - a première film screening and film-maker Dr. Michael Brown in conversation with Dr Helen Sharp  

Filmed and directed by Fermanagh film-maker Dr. Michael Brown, this screening is the Northern Ireland premiere. In Nepal, around 100,000 equines are regularly put to work, pulling carts, labouring in brick factories and carrying goods into the high Himalayan mountains. Although donkeys and horses are used, it is mules that carry the main burden. Loved and cared for by many, but abused and exploited by others, their lives are full of adversity and danger. Khacchad, the Nepali word for mule, is a beautiful film that follows the mules’ lives; their breeding in northern India, their sale at the huge Barabanki equine fair, their walk to Nepal on India’s busy highways, labouring in brick factories of the Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, and carrying goods into the high Himalayan mountains. Filmed over a year against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, this film is a portrait of both the mules and the diverse communities that make their living with them, taking the viewer on a truly amazing journey.