The Thing Itself... dynamic trio perform on board the barge

Join ‘The Thing Itself’ on board The Lovely Leitrim Boatel on Lough Erne (Access at Regal Pass, beside Bus Depot) in Enniskillen for a unique FLIVE event. Relax on the water over lunchtime and hear a sample of what ‘The Thing’ brings to town. For the uninitiated, it is a monthly poetry/spoken word event run by a trio of local poets, Caimin O’Shea, Kate O’Shea and Darren Rehill who have a passion for bringing people together through the spoken word. It also provides a platform for both local and guest poets to share their inspirational, original words on page, stage or song. A very unique event as part of Fermanagh Live Arts Festival, 12.30pm to 2pm. Relax and enjoy floating on our  waterways  over lunchtime and hear a sample of what 'The Thing itself ' bring to our unique Island Town of Enniskillen. 'The Thing Itself '  A monthly  poetry/spokenword event providing a platform for both local and guest poets to share their inspirational, original words.  Open mic also

'The Thing Itself ' is thrown together by  Caimin O'Shea,   Kate O'Shea,   Darren Rehill

(3 individuals somewhat ) free entrance. 12.30pm to 2pm

Boat Tour ...etc..

Experience Something Beautiful in Fermanagh!


Experience and participate in Fermanagh’s finest live entertainment & visual arts this autumn when Fermanagh Live takes place from Wednesday 4th October to Sunday 8th Oct 2017. The festival thrives on showcasing local and international innovative and exceptional talent providing a diverse range of the very best in music, dance, film, literature, comedy, carnival and visual arts.

Words From Our Sponsors

Evelyn Hassard of Crannog Antiques says, ‘I am delighted to give my support to music events at the Fermanagh Live Arts Festival because I love Classical music and want to help bring as much as possible to as many people as possible’.


CavanaghKelly are delighted to sponsor Fermanagh Live Arts Festival. The Festival of Live Entertainment and Visuals Arts is a great opportunity for the local community to get a taste of our home-grown artists through this programme of innovative, vibrant and contemporary events.”


Fuels & Lubricants are happy to be associated with the Fermanagh Live Arts Festival in sponsoring Melisma in this year’s festival. It is a positive way of encouraging the promotion of local talent and enabling local audiences to see arts that they might not get the opportunity to see otherwise.