2.30pm | The Lovely Leitrim Barge, moored at the Broadmeadow Jetty | Free 

Poetry with Maria McManus & Fermanagh Writers

Join us with the Bards on the Barge, a unique poetry and spoken word event with Fermanagh born and internationally acclaimed poet, Maria Mc Manus, and diverse and dynamic Fermanagh Writers on the much loved Lovely Leitrim Barge as it makes a welcome return to Fermanagh waterways for this years’ F Live event.

Climb on board and enjoy a glass of wine or relax on the banks near the barge and listen to the emotive tones, words and sound waves echoing across the waterways of published poets and writers.

Reading from her forthcoming collection of new poetry, Available Light, Maria McManus takes us on a contemporary exploration of the ancient art of augury, interpreting the will of the gods from the flight patterns of birds. Members of Fermanagh Writers read from their published works with emotion, energy and a wealth of experience and talent.